Le Moulin Bregeon located in the heart of the beautiful Loire Valley is close to the classically, fairytale town of Saumur with its castle on the hill, overlooking the glorious River LoireIts bounteous Saturday market is an event not to be missed. Chef Kathryn and the welcoming hosts at the authentic, antique mill have many culinary pleasures and surprises in store for participants at any level of culinary prowess. The day trips to wine caves, chevre farms, nut oil presses and all manner of local points provide in depth insight to the aesthetic and leisurely ways of French country life. Cooking with world-renowned chefs and bakers will elevate your culinary senses and lend new inspiration to your future culinary repertoire. I returned from my visit with a renewed excitement for ingredients, techniques and a more thorough knowledge of classic French country life and its unparalleled cuisine. Highly recommend!

Trevor Hardwick, ICE Culinary Program graduate, Recipe Tester and Private Chef

"The Loire Valley cooking course offered by ICE was a great way of introducing myself to French country cuisine with professional chefs in a gorgeous setting. Each day was a new lesson in both sweet or savory, and each meal was prepared with freshest local ingredients possible. 

The biggest highlight for me was taking trips to the various farms and markets in the area and having the opportunity to reconnect with the source of my food which I often lose sight of in the city. Pulling vegetables out of the ground for my dinner, picking berries from the bushes and choosing a fresh cheese from the local goat farmer became a daily part of my experience and rekindled my inquisitiveness and excitement about the endless possibilities that fresh food has to offer." 

Neilie Meyer, Chef Assistant at ICE (who also worked 2 summers at the Mill after participating in the ICE Cuisine Course)