What Should I Pack to Cook in France?  

EUROS  You can obtain euros in the US from your bank.  You can also use your debit card at an ATM at the airport.  You should have approximately 200 euros on hand in cash before you begin travel; it will be several days before we are near another ATM.  Tips for hotel staff can be left in euros or dollars. $100 is the recommended minimum tip for hotel staff who will be working to ensure the success of your visit at Le Moulin Bregeon.

ELECTRIC CONVERTOR It is advised you get an adaptor for the US to France prior to travel (Amazon has several inexpensive ones; France has 2 prongs).  Small appliance adaptors appear to work with anything (cell phones, laptops, cameras) other than hair dryers; please plan to use the hair dryers provided by Le Moulin Bregeon as they do not do well on convertors.


Professional Program Alumni from ICE – 1-2 chef jackets, 2 aprons.  Jeans or work pants.  Closed toe suitable kitchen shoes.  Hair should be tied back or in a hat.  Chef knife, paring knife, other basic tools such as peeler, melon baller, bowl scraper, bench scraper.  It is ok to put in your checked luggage – just don’t put in your hand luggage.  Note:  we can do a laundry of dirty aprons/jackets about half-way through the program, if you help hang up the clothes on the laundry line.

Foe Recreational Participants – for our cooking and baking classes you will need 2 aprons, long pants and closed toe shoes suitable for kitchen safety with non-stick tread.   We can usually wash the aprons half-way thru the program.

For All Participants – No nail polish.  Hair must be tied back for classes.  Based on which chef we work with each day, Chef Kathryn will tell you daily when full uniform vs. just aprons/closed toe shoes are required.  Bring a notebook and pen; hand-outs will be provided in English or French and you will need to take notes during classes.

We strongly recommend that you pack as lightly as possible and use only a medium size rolling bag and a back pack/bag with carrying strap.  You are responsible for portage of all your own bags, including shopping (and typical purchases made by participants are very heavy, and possibly breakable:  duck confit, fleur de sel, nut oils, etc.).  There are very fast transfers if you are travelling by train and you have to be able to lift your own luggage up stairs.   Note:  US residents can only bring in limited bottles of wines and liqueurs, and cannot bring in non-processed cheeses meats or produce; check the Customs website.

What to Pack for France

In addition to items to bring for cooking classes, we recommend you bring the following.  Note: all meals at Le Moulin Bregeon are casual; no formal clothes required

1-2 pairs pants/shorts

2-3 shirts/tops

1 light jacket (for evenings, cave tour)

Undergarments and sleepwear (remember – rooms are suites with shared accommodations)


Phone with alarm or travel alarm clock

Comfortable, flat shoes for walking (marshes, caves, farms). Please note, one pair of shoes should be closed-toe for safety in kitchens during classes.


US-France adaptor for charging small appliances

Camera (or phone with camera)

Small collapsible umbrella

Empty “extra” bag for purchases (various shopping opportunities are noted on itinerary)

Also recommended:  notify your bank you are travelling so your debit/credit cards work in France

Any allergy medications, etc.  You will be in the countryside and the Mill has some animals (not in the bedrooms)

Fine to Bring:

Laptops, iPads and Phones:  note that the old stone walls of Le Moulin Bregeon are very thick.  There is internet access, but it is fastest in certain locations and if everyone uses it at the same time, it slows down. Sometimes it works best outside of the stone buildings.

What You Don’t Need, But People Have Asked

Linens, Towels