Application Questions *
Application Questions
Please answer all questions here or send in an email to Chef Kathryn at 
Are you generally in good health? Are you able to walk up stairs at a chateau for example, and explore wine and mushroom caves? Can you walk up 2 flights of stairs to a guest room at the Mill? (Note we can generally accommodate special needs in terms of accommodation, but need to know any requirements asap. Two of the guests rooms are on the ground floor, for example. Several of the sightseeing sites we visit involve stairs and/or rough surfaces on the floor — good walking shoes are helpful.)
If you have allergies to dust, bugs, etc. note that the Mill is located in the countryside and you will be staying at a country house, essentially. Prior guests have travelled with allergy medication “just in case.” There are some animals (currently a chocolate lab, Figaro and a few cats, some ducks, geese and chickens) at the Mill; they are not allowed in guest rooms. The Mill is also strictly no-smoking in the rooms, and smoking is only allowed in staff areas outside the Mill.
Are you willing to sign a travel liability waiver? Please see the Travel Terms and Conditions. We also recommend you purchase your own travel insurance
If no, please just say no :)
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